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Terms of Service (TOS) - N$FW

Thank you for your interest in a N$FW commission from me!

Due to their subject matter, N$FW commissions have a slightly different TOS list than my SFW commissions.  Please observe my will and won't draw lists, and feel free to ask me if you have any further questions!

Any notable differences between this TOS page and my regular one will be highlighted in PINK.

My preference when taking on N$FW commissions are pin-ups, & sensual nudity/acts, but you're always welcome to ask me if you're unsure of what I will or won't draw.

Will Draw
  • Any gender/sexuality

  • Furries/Anthropomorphic creatures (canine, feline, avian, reptilian/draconic, hybrids, etc.)

  • Werewolves/were-creatures

  • Swearing

  • Blood/light blood play/biting

  • Bondage

  • Lingerie

  • Pin-ups

  • Puphoods

  • Real people/self-inserts (for friends/close mutuals only)

  • Humans/humanoid creatures or aliens/fairies/elves, etc.

  • Characters from books or movies (will be drawn in my style)

    • Toony or semi-toony characters will be more proportionate​

  • Size difference

Won't Draw
  • Racism, abuse or any other discriminatory images

  • Very realistic portraits/interpretations of people or characters

  • Minors

  • Reference sheets

  • Comic pages/detailed panels

  • Mecha/cars

  • Spiders/arachnids

  • Vore

  • Scat/piss/watersports

  • Diapers

  • Age play/loli/shota

  • Feral NSFW (real (i.e dogs) or fantasy (i.e dragons))

  • Pokemon

  • Breast lactating/milking

  • Extreme close-ups

  • Macro/micro

  • Inflation

  • Hyper

** Commissions come from a fully COVID-vaccinated household! **


By commissioning me, you are acknowledging that you have read and fully understand my terms of service.  My terms of service act as a contract between me (the artist) and you (the client/commissioner), and any forms of contact pertaining to your commission are also part of that agreement (emails, DMs, notes, etc.).  Failure to read or acknowledge my terms of service may result in the rejection or cancellation of your commission.  Please do NOT commission me for a N$FW commission if you're under 18!

Commissioning me for N$FW art signifies that you're acknowledging that you're over 18/a legal adult.  If I found out you've commissioned me under false pretenses, your commission will be cancelled, and you will be blocked from ordering from me in the future.


  • Real people/self-inserts:

    • Self-inserts are fine; I prefer to reserve this option for friends/mutuals, but you're welcome to send an inquiry if your request isn't too complicated or risque.  I also prefer some kind of prior art or reference of your likeness​.

    • I will not draw N$FW art of real celebrities, online personalities, or any other notable people (i.e. I can draw the Marvel version of Loki with Tom Hiddleston's likeness, but I will not draw Tom Hiddleston the actor.)


  • In the case of shipping, I do not share your name, address or other personal information with any third party or persons; it is for personal use so I may ship your order as efficiently as possible.

  • I do not keep nor record shipping addresses; this is why I will ask for your shipping address even if you have ordered from me multiple times in the past.

  • You may request that your commission/trade be kept private/not posted to any of my galleries or social media sites

  • Regarding N$FW commission and privacy:

    • NSFW commissions are not shown online (neither on my public social media or my uncensored Patreon) unless the client gives me permission​; you may also request that your NSFW commission be posted censored/cropped, or you may request not to have the commission posted at all.

    • If posted online, N$FW commissions are posted publicly as cropped and/or censored images

    • This applies to all commissions, but you're welcome to request a N$FW commission from me and for it be kept completely private (i.e. will not be posted on my public social media sites, nor on my Patreon, nor listed in my public Trello; the commission will be shared to the client, only, via email and will be shipped discreetly).


  • All prices include US shipping.

  • I charge extra for International shipping; prices vary depending on image size.

  • All commissions must be shipped; this helps remove clutter on my end.

  • I am not responsible for images once they are in the mail.

  • All commissions include tracking numbers, sent via the email attached to your Paypal

  • N$FW commissions are sent the same way as my regular commissions, which means they come packaged discreetly (non-see-through photo mailers)




  • There is no timeframe for commission completion, though I try to keep turnaround time down to 1-3 weeks for simpler pieces, and 3 weeks to 2 months for more complex ones; if you would like your commission finished sooner than later or by a certain deadline, please let me know and we will discuss it.




  • Please give me as many details and be as specific as possible when ordering a commission/trade, otherwise you're giving me artistic license to interpret your idea as I see fit.

  • I do not accept commissions/trades without some form of clear reference image.

  • I will give you an update on your commission after I complete a rough sketch, at which time you should let me know of any revisions or details you would like me to edit or change.​

  • Please Note: I am a traditional artist (meaning I draw on physical paper with physical media), therefore my commission sketches are super light so I can easily make any adjustments.  When sending commissions for approval, I will sometimes alter the color of the background or contrast -- this will make the sketch look like dark lines on a grey or sometimes blueish background -- this is just so the sketch is easier to see; all commissions are done on white paper.

  • For N$FW commissions, please be aware of the subject matter of the commission you're asking me for.  I am not primarily a N$FW artist, and don't draw extreme kinks.  For example: asking for a character with an abnormally large chest is fine; I will not draw a character with an abnormally large chest that starts to tilt towards "macro" or "inflation". 




  • In the rare instance where I cannot complete your commission for any reason, I will offer a full refund.

  • Commissions cancelled by the sketching stage will be issued a full refund; other cancellations will be handled on a case-by-case basis.




  • Even if I'm listed as closed for commissions, I sometimes take sporadic orders, so feel free to ask me for a quote at any time.

  • I do not have a waiting list.




  • Commissions are my responsibility prior to being sent in the mail and are no longer my responsibility once they are sent.

  • To prevent smudging, I spray all of my commissions with final gloss fixative.

  • Commissions are placed in plastic sleeves and shipped in cardboard photo mailers to prevent bending.


  • As the artist, I have the right to:

    • display or use my art--including commissions and trades--as I choose, including putting finished images in my online galleries, social media outlets and using them in my portfolio (you may request to keep your commission/trade private)

    • reject any commission/trade for any reason

  • As the commissioner, you have the right to:

    • request I keep your commission/trade private (meaning the image would be emailed and shared only with you)

    • give it to someone else as a gift

    • display your commission/trade on your website, blog or social media (as long as credit is given to me as the original artist and/or you do not remove my signature)

    • print your commission/trade as a print or poster for personal use only

    • edit, recolor or alter it for personal use only

  • What you cannot do with you commission/trade/art:

    • Reproduce or sell the image or part of it as prints

    • Claim the image or part of it as your own artistic work

    • Copy/trace the image or part of it and claim it as your own

  • For character designs:​

    • If I draw or design a character for you (for example, if you want me to draw something vague like a "pink dog" but give me artistic license to decide the breed or markings), you're welcome to use that character however you like, including using the design for commercial use (commission art from other artists; use the design in a project or comic, etc.), but you're not allowed to use the art, specifically, I created for that design for commercial use​.

  • Miscellaneous Rights:

    • You are allowed to request commissions involving other people's characters/OCs/fursonas, but I will always ask the original artist if this is okay first.  Please let me know if your commission is for a friend/significant other/other person as a gift or surprise and we will discuss it.

    • I may use commissions as portfolio pieces or examples of my work, but I will never sell or duplicate your commission for prints or any other merchandise.

IN REGARDS TO NFTs, BITCOIN, CRYPTOCURRENCY, & A.I. (Artificial Intelligence Technology)

  • I will NOT accept NFTs, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, or any other virtual currency as a form of payment for any of my art (commissions, prints, etc.); any invoices paid with bitcoin or cryptocurrency will be refunded immediately, and if the payment wasn't accidental, you will be blocked from ordering a commission from me in the future.

  • This artist does not deal with, exchange, purchase or grant permission for their art to be used for NFTs

  • This artist does not allow the uploading of their art (personal, commissions, trades, fanart, or otherwise) to A.I. generators

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